KT Pacer – the name in Animal Feed Trailers and Bodies – bringing the experience of CEI Pacer and Warren Feed Trucks together in one company.

Welcome to KT Pacer.

We are a global, bulk feed transportation equipment manufacturer that can trace our roots back to 1939 when Roy Gaddis Sr. founded Highway Equipment. In the late 1940s, the company began building feed and grain bodies under the New Leader brand. Following the sale of Highway Equipment in 1958, Roy Gaddis Jr. established Gaddis Bros Manufacturing, producing the Pak-Master line of trailers throughout the 1950s, 60s, and early 1970s. Pioneering the industry with the lowest center of gravity in traditional design feed trailers since 1973; Don “Butch” Gaddis and Karen Gaddis continued the feed body-manufacturing legacy with CEI Pacer. Amazingly all three equipment brands, Hi-Way, New Leader, and KT Pacer are all still thriving in Cedar Rapids, Iowa today.

In 2012, CEI (CEI Pacer) joined forces with a visionary management investment team, including Jim Stoelk, Dan McDowell, and Jim Ross. This strategic collaboration led to groundbreaking innovations in design and manufacturing such as the NSL feed body in 2014 and the Pacer Production System in 2016. These advancements allowed the organization to grow significantly while maintaining our valued commitment to serving customer needs through innovative design, safety, and customer service support.

Recognizing our dedication to building better products efficiently, the trailer manufacturing industry took notice. In 2018, Kentucky Trailer, a leader in custom trailer manufacturing, along with their parent company Alleghany Capital Corporation, expanded into the feed transportation market by acquiring CEI Pacer. This move marked a significant milestone, enhancing our capabilities, footprint and product offerings. The journey continued in 2019 with the acquisition of Warren Manufacturing’s animal feed transport division, expanding our geography and solidifying our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to our customers.

January 2020 was a momentous month as we unveiled a unified identity – KT Pacer, a Kentucky Trailer company. This rebranding emphasized our strength in the animal feed transportation market and set the stage for a new chapter in our story. The following year, Carl Kirpes joined us as our company President, contributing his wealth of experience and leadership to our team. His focus on developing a scalable organization to support the growth of current and emerging customers further fortified KT Pacer’s position in the market.

In 2022, a transformative integration occurred when Berkshire Hathaway completed the acquisition of Alleghany Corporation. This strategic alignment brings new dimensions to the KT Pacer journey, providing unmatched capabilities and resources. Today, as a proud member of the Marmon family under Berkshire Hathaway, KT Pacer stands at the forefront of the feed transportation industry. We continue to shape our future with a commitment to excellence, visionary leadership, and a dedication to pioneering solutions.

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