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Insights from Dan DeMeyer on His Experience with KT Pacer Feed Bodies

KT Pacer recently had the pleasure of catching up with Dan DeMeyer, the Owner of Grayslake Feeds, and he shared some amazing insights about his experience with our KT Pacer Feed Bodies over the years.

We asked Dan how our bulk feed trailers improved his process, and he could not hold back his enthusiasm, “Maximize efficiency, and (minimum) down time. With other company’s we have worked with, the equipment was good, but with our new KT Pacer truck body, we feel that the experience and product is GREAT! Customer service and fast repairs are key in this business.”

Lasting Impression of KT Pacer

GraysLake Feeds

We then asked Dan about the aspects of KT Pacer and our products that stood out and left a lasting impression on him.  His response was heartwarming, “Top notch customer service, quality equipment, and a great salesman. We have dealt with a local company for years (they are great also) but Bryan DeKock has stopped by for years and worked with us a few times on finding trucks or pricing a new truck.  Fast forward several years and we needed a new unit, Bryan and the KT Pacer team made it happen.  We are not a large CO-OP or state-of-the-art feed company and he knew we would not be his biggest customer, but he treats us as if we are.  Could not be happier!”

We are thrilled to be a part of Dan’s journey and to have contributed to the success of Grayslake.   Thank you, Dan, for your loyalty and trust in KT Pacer.  We will keep striving to provide you with the best service and top-of-the-line products.

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