KT Pacer Receives Prestigious 2021 TTMA Plant Safety Award

KT Pacer Receives Prestigious 2021 TTMA Plant Safety Award

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA — June 14, 2022 — KT Pacer, a Kentucky Trailer company, has received the 2021 Plant Safety Award from the Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association (TTMA).

The company claimed the top spot among its competitors in Trailer Category C, which included plants with under 350,000 man-hours.

“We could not be prouder to receive recognition from TTMA for our relentless commitment to safety,” commented Jim Stoelk, managing partner, director of operations for KT Pacer. “As a Kentucky Trailer company, our standard is ‘Safety First and Always, without a close second priority.’ This award is proof that every one of our team members takes those words to heart.”

As a leader in the animal feed transportation industry, KT Pacer strives to lead by example when it comes to workplace safety. Teams at the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, location begin each meeting with a safety discussion. The company’s commitment to safety also extends to its products. KT Pacer’s innovative low-center-of-gravity model trailer helps reduce risk and keep operators safer while negotiating tight turns and inclement road conditions.

Participants in TTMA’s Plant Safety Contest were scored based on data from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Annual Summary Form 300A. This includes the number of recordable injury rates, lost workday cases and Days Away, Days Restricted or Days Transferred (DART) due to injuries per 100 employees. KT Pacer’s Cedar Rapids plant employs more than 130 people and went more than 330 days without a recordable injury or lost time incident in 2020-2021.

About R.C. Tway Company, LLC R.C. Tway Company, LLC, which operates under the trade name “Kentucky Trailer”, is the parent company of six operating divisions: (i) Kentucky Trailer Manufacturing (KTM), which designs, builds and manufactures custom trailers and truck bodies for the moving and storage, snack food, package delivery and logistics industries as well as other niche markets; (ii) Kentucky Trailer Services (KTS), which delivers complete repair, reconditioning, paint, graphics and other services for truck bodies, drop frame and expandable trailers; (iii) Kentucky Trailer Specialty Vehicles (KTSV), which designs, builds and services trailers and custom specialty vehicles for mobile medical, military/government, mobile marketing, motorsports and other niche markets; (iv) AMST, which designs, builds and services specialty vehicles for mobile medical imaging in North and South America; (v) SMIT Mobile Equipment B.V., which designs, builds, and services specialty vehicles for mobile medical imaging in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa; and (vi) KT Pacer, which designs, engineers, manufactures and services custom feed trailers, bodies and equipment.  

About KT Pacer KT Pacer brings the expertise of CEI Pacer and Warren Feed Trucks together in one company. With more than 45 years of experience, KT Pacer is recognized as an industry leader for design innovation and quality manufacturing of aluminum feed body and feed trailer transportation equipment. Today, KT Pacer produces a wide range of aluminum feed transportation equipment that is used throughout the world. KT Pacer is a full-service facility capable of repairs, reconditioning and rebuilding feed transportation equipment of all makes and models. For more information about KT Pacer, please visit www.ktpacer.com.