KT Pacer's "First" Customer Testimonial - Benson Feed Mills 1951

KT Pacer's "First" Customer Testimonial - Benson Feed Mills 1951

Letter received from Benson Feed Mills, Inc., Omaha, Nebraska, May 26, 1951 – our “first” customer testimonial:

May 26, 1951

Edward J. Heck & Sons Co.,

1102 Farnam Street

Omaha, Nebraska


We are pleased to report that we find our NEW LEADER BULK FEED AND GRAIN BODY to be a real time and labor saver.  Our man with the bulk feed body can deliver more feed than two men could previously deliver with two trucks.

The NEW LEADER BULK FEED AND GRAIN BODY eliminates the scooping and much of the delivery work.  It also makes it much easier to keep our delivery help.

Our customers are very much pleased to have their feeds delivered in bulk especially when we put it into their feeders and bins without them ever touching a scoop shovel.

It is our personal opinion that this Bulk Feed Delivery Service which we have established will soon be the way the larger percent of feeds will be sold in the future.

We do not see why a Farmer, Feeder, or Dairyman, should take his valuable time to come to town to obtain a load of feed; wrestle with 100# feed bags; handle bags several times before the feed is dumped into the bins for feeding, when we can deliver this feed in BULK at no extra cost for delivery or handling.

We feel that we will greatly increase our feed business with the new service to the trade.

Yours very truly,


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