Low Center of Gravity Feed Trailer – NSL

The KT Pacer NSL low center of gravity bulk feed trailer is designed and built to reduce the risk of roll-overs without compromising safe ground clearance.  KT Pacer quality begins with patented aluminum extrusions, lightweight materials and a low profile design; providing proven reliability, maximum safety and premium payloads.  Select from our full line of optional equipment to custom design the KT Pacer NSL.


NSL Design Provides

  • Greater top angle of repose for higher percentage fill
  • Tank bottom angle increased for better clean-out
  • Optimal tank capacity

Standard Features

  • 40 foot NSL has 1732 cubic feet or 32 tons
  • 54 cubic feet more than the 40 foot “HCL” model
  • 280 cubic feet more than the “L” model